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Multicast file distribution utility


Flamethrower is intended to be an easy to use multicast file distribution system. It was created to add multicast install capabilities to SystemImager, but was designed to be fully functional as a stand-alone package.

Notable characteristics:
 1) Works with entire directory hierarchies of files, not just single files.
 2) Uses a server configuration file that takes module entries that are
     similar to those used by rsyncd.conf.
 3) Flamethrower is an on-demand system. The multicast of a module is
     initiated when a client connects, but waits MIN_WAIT (conf file) for
     other clients to connect. If other clients try to connect after a
     cast has been initiated, they simply wait until that cast has finished,
     and catch the next one when it begins.
 4) The udpcast package is used as the multicast transport, and offers a
     gob and a half of tuning parameters.

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