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multi-platform emulator, including NES, GB/A, Lynx, PC Engine

Tuff - a free platforming Game Boy game.
Tuff - a free platforming Game Boy game.
from version 0.8.D.3-6
A libre 2048 homebrew for Game Boy.
A libre 2048 homebrew for Game Boy.
from version 0.8.D.3-6


Mednafen is a command-line driven emulator for many different systems. It has full support for OpenGL and SDL graphics, network play, remappable input configuration, joystick and keyboard support, save states, game rewinding, GSF playback, and screenshots.

The systems supported by Mednafen are:
   * Atari Lynx
   * GameBoy
   * GameBoy Color
   * GameBoy Advance
   * NES
   * SNES
   * Virtual Boy
   * PC Engine (TurboGrafx 16)
   * PC-FX
   * SuperGrafx
   * NeoGeo Pocket, NeoGeo Pocket Color
   * WonderSwan
   * Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
   * Sony PlayStation

Hardware emulated by Mednafen includes:
   * NES gamepad, Zapper, PowerPad
   * Four-Score, Famicom multiplayer adapter
   * Arkanoid, HyperShot, Space Shadow, Mahjong controllers
   * Oeka Kids tablet, Quiz King buzzers, Family Trainer, Barcode World
   * Game Genie

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