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The Ur-Quan Masters - An inter-galactic adventure game
You return to Earth with a vessel built from technology discovered from an ancient race called the Precursors only to find it enslaved. Gather allies from a wide variety of races, engage in space combat with various foes, and save the galaxy from the Ur-Quan! . The Ur-Quan Masters is derived from the classic game Star Control II. It includes both the adventure game described above and a fast-paced Super Melee. . See the README.Debian once you have installed this package for information about where to get the uqm-music and uqm-voice packages.
OpenH323 Gatekeeper - The GNU Gatekeeper
GNU Gatekeeper is an open-source project that implements an H.323 gatekeeper. A gatekeeper provides call control services to the H.323 endpoints. It is an integral part of most useful internet telephony installations that are based on the H.323 standard. . According to Recommendation H.323, a gatekeeper shall provide the following services: . Address Translation Admissions Control Bandwidth Control Zone Management Call Control Signaling Call Authorization Bandwidth Management Call Management . The GNU Gatekeeper implements most of these functions based on the OpenH323 protocol stack.
diffusion-weighted MRI white matter tractography
Set of tools to perform diffusion-weighted MRI white matter tractography of the brain in the presence of crossing fibres, using Constrained Spherical Deconvolution, and a probabilisitic streamlines algorithm. Magnetic resonance images in DICOM, ANALYZE, or uncompressed NIfTI format are supported.
task switcher for minimalistic WMs or standalone X session
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fast-paced, polished OpenGL demonstration by Excess
Amoeba is a fast-paced, cross-platform OpenGL demonstration by Excess, showing realtime graphics effects in perfect sync with music. It features a full customizable demo engine, several visual effects, lots of graphics and a pumping soundtrack. . Amoeba won first prize in the demo competition at Underscore 02, a demoscene party held in Gothenburg, Sweden. . Note that this is only the demo engine -- to watch the demo itself, you will also need the package amoeba-data.
WindowMaker dock app that shows the "weather" in space
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