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fast, as-you-type, fuzzy-search code completion engine for Vim
YouCompleteMe is a fast, as-you-type, fuzzy-search code completion engine for Vim. It has several completion engines: an identifier-based engine that works with every programming language, a semantic, Clang-based engine that provides native semantic code completion for C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++ and an omnifunc-based completer that uses data from Vim's omnicomplete system to provide semantic completions for many other languages (Ruby, PHP etc.).
Docile keeps your Ruby DSLs tame and well-behaved
Docile turns any Ruby object into a DSL. Especially useful with the Builder pattern.
Qt plugins for Ubuntu Platform API (desktop)
Sorry - no description available.
secure POP3/IMAP server - MySQL support
Dovecot is a mail server whose major goals are security and extreme reliability. It tries very hard to handle all error conditions and verify that all data is valid, making it nearly impossible to crash. It supports mbox/Maildir and its own dbox/mdbox formats, and should also be pretty fast, extensible, and portable. . This package provides MySQL support for Dovecot.
Perl module to publish Rendezvous services
Net::Rendezvous::Publish creates, publish and manages Rendezvous services. It can manage how much time will handle network events and updates of internal state.
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (PHPDBG binary)
Sorry - no description available.