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Python3 module for reading and writing crontab files
python-crontab is a Python module for reading and writing crontab files and accessing the system crontabs automatically and simply using a direct API. This package includes the module for python3. . Features include: . - Displaying and modifying system and user crontab files - Adding comments to be displayed with jobs - Validating jobs - Searching for jobs
Fast sorting of version strings
Used to sort version strings faster. It is used to sort a repository's tags. It is used as follows require 'version_sorter' versions = %w( 1.0.9 2.0 1.0.10 1.0.3 ) VersionSorter.rsort(versions) # => ["2.0", "1.0.10", "1.0.9", "1.0.3"] VersionSorter.sort(versions) # => ["1.0.3", "1.0.9", "1.0.10", "2.0"]
GNU C compiler
Sorry - no description available.
software defined networking framework - ryu binary
Ryu is a component-based software defined networking framework. Ryu provides software components with well defined API that make it easy for developers to create new network management and control applications. Ryu supports various protocols for managing network devices, such as OpenFlow, Netconf, OF-config, etc. About OpenFlow, Ryu supports fully 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and Nicira Extensions. . This package provides the Ryu manager.
Ogg and Vorbis toolkit for Java
vorbis-java is a pure Java library for working with Ogg, Vorbis, FLAC, Opus and Speex files . Support for the Ogg container is fairly complete, offering the ability to read, write, add and change streams within an Ogg file. It should be possible to use the Ogg parts as a basis for dealing with any multimedia data stored in an Ogg container. There is basic support for Skeleton Annodex streams, which provide metadata on top of Ogg files about the streams, but it isn't fully integrated. . Support for the Vorbis audio format so far concentrates on metadata. It is possible to retrieve and change metadata (such as sampling rates, user comments etc), and tools are provided to query and alter these. Encoding/decoding audio data is not supported. . Opus and Speex support is slightly less than that of Vorbis, covering retrieving of metadata (such as sampling rates, user comments etc). However, basic Opus or Speex audio frame support is outstanding. Tooling exists for querying and changing metadata for Opus only. . Very limited support is also included for FLAC comments (user metadata), which use the same scheme as Vorbis. FLAC-native and FLAC-in-Ogg files are both supported for extracting the user metadata.
plugin for building Jekyll sites with any GitHub-hosted theme
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