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Enhanced replacement for the write command
Nwrite is a replacement for the standard write program that lets you write directly to the terminal of another logged-in user without the overhead of talk taking over the full screen or the other user having to respond first. . Nwrite's advantages over traditional write include the ability to send the same message simultaneously to multiple users, and a receiver-configurable message format, including a tag at the start of each line that identifies the sender.
NX proxy
NX is a software suite which implements very efficient compression of the X11 protocol. This increases performance when using X applications over a network, especially a slow one. . This package provides the NX proxy (client) binary.
XMPP and Jabber implementation for Python
PyXMPP is a Python XMPP (RFC 3920,3921) and Jabber ( implementation. It is based on libxml2 -- fast and fully-featured XML parser. . PyXMPP provides most core features of the XMPP protocol and several JSF-defined extensions. PyXMPP provides building blocks for creating Jabber clients and components. Developer uses them to setup XMPP streams, handle incoming events and create outgoing stanzas (XMPP "packets"). . Features: * nearly complete XMPP Core (RFC 3920) protocol for client connections (includes SASL, TLS and Stringprep) * mostly complete XMPP IM (RFC 3921) protocol (lacks privacy lists) * XMPP error objects including translations to and from legacy codes for backward compatibility (JEP-0086). * legacy authentication ("digest" and "plain") (JEP-0078). * component protocol (JEP-0114). * Service Discovery (JEP-0030). * vCards -- both Jabber "vcard-temp" and RFC 2426 * basic parts of the Multi-User Chat protocol (JEP-0045) * delayed delivery timestamps (JEP-0091).
Usenet binary grabber
nzb is a binary news grabber written in Qt 4. It natively downloads and decodes the files specified in the nzb file, an XML format which describes binary files on Usenet by their message-id. nzb provides support for direct streaming of media files to your favourite media player. . nzb files are a popular way to describe files posted on Usenet which span several messages (multi-part binaries). These files eliminate the need to fetch headers from newsgroups as nzb files contain the message-ids of the segments which can be downloaded directly from most news servers. A technical description can be found at . nzb makes Usenet downloading easy by providing an easy to use interface which loads up a specified nzb file and either downloads the files described in the nzb or streams the data to an external application. This is usually used for video files which results in streaming video over Usenet.
file transfer utility for devices that use the OBEX protocol
OBEX, the OBject EXchange protocol, can best be described as binary HTTP. OBEX is optimized for ad-hoc links and can be used to exchange all kind of objects like files, pictures, calendar entries (vCal) and business cards (vCard) over bluetooth, IrDA, USB and serial cable links. . This is the command line front-end that fully uses the capabilities of libobexftp.
OCaml core tools (metapackage)
A metapackage containing dependencies on, and suggestions of packages useful for developing in the Objective Caml (OCaml) programming language. . Includes dependencies on various tools related to OCaml like compiler and preprocessor, tuareg mode for the emacs editor, package manager, documentation tool and more. . Also includes a RAD tool for GUI design and a framework for regression testing.