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Online multiplayer clone of Bust a Move
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auto-closing plugin for Geany
This plugin enables auto-closing features. Auto-closing works while you typing and intellectually helps you to write code. . Features: * auto-close for: { }, [ ], ( ), " ", ' ', < >, ` ` * customizeable auto-closing inside strings and comments * delete pairing character if you pressed BackSpace * suppress inserting one char twice (if you type "{}" you will get "{}", not "{}}") * enclose selected text into brackets instead of removing selection (select text and type "(" or ")" to enclose selection into "()") * keep selection when enclosing * for C-like languages enclosing selection into "{}" makes auto-indentation (select text and type "{" or "}" - text will be enclosed and indented) * enclosing in {} moves cursor to beginning (before "{" character) * for C-like languages to insert {}-block you do not need to select text precisely: plugin detects boundaries automatically, just ensure that selection covers lines you need to indent (works like TAB indentation) * fix auto-indent inside {} (makes full indent for this block) * auto-close curly bracket by pressing Enter * auto-close functions (``"sin(|" -> "sin(|);"``) with doubling suppression (for C/C++ languages only) * remove paring brace when pressing Shift+BackSpace, unindent {}-blocks * add semicolon after ``struct {|};`` and ``class {|};`` * move cursor to closed char by pressing Tab . Geany is a small and lightweight integrated development environment using the Gtk+ toolkit.
OpenStack DNS as a Service - agent
Designate provides DNSaaS services for OpenStack. It provides a multi-tenant REST API for domain & record management. It is Integrated with Keystone for authentication, and provides a framework in place to integrate with Nova and Neutron notifications (for auto-generated records). Designate supports PowerDNS and Bind9 out of the box. . This package provides the agent.
pYthOn Finite State Machine (Python3 package)
This is standalone Python micro-framework providing a finite state machine. . Originally implemented in Java by Jake Gordon. . This is the Python 3 version of the package.
Empty package depending on latest SyFi development package
Sorry - no description available.
simple spreadsheet worker
Spreadsheet::Wright is a fork of Spreadsheet::Write and may be used as a drop-in replacement. . Spreadsheet::Wright writes files in CSV, Microsoft Excel, HTML and OpenDocument formats. It is especially suitable for building various dumps and reports where rows are built in sequence, one after another. . It is not especially suitable for modifying existing files. . The name is a not just pun on "write" - the word "wright" means worker or crafter, and "Spreadsheet::Wright" does a lot of the work of spreadsheet output for you!