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Auto Adjust Photo, automatic color correction of photos
Auto Adjust Photo is a tiny command-line image manipulation tool for automatic color correction of photos. It tries to make the picture look better. The program does this by analyzing the input image and then sets the most optimal contrast, gamma, color balance and saturation for it.
A Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) editing mode for Emacs
Sorry - no description available.
Framework for building bots for IRC, XMPP and the Web
JSONBOT is a remote event-driven framework for building bots that talk JSON to each other over XMPP. This distribution provides bots built on the JSONBOT framework for console, IRC, XMPP for the shell and WWW, and XMPP for the Google App Engine. A plugin infrastructure can be used to write your own functionality.
Set of tools to work with Matroska files - GUI frontend
Matroska is a new multimedia container format, based on EBML (Extensible Binary Meta Language), which is a kind of binary XML. . The mmg tool is a graphical user interface for the mkvmerge program, which allow one to create Matroska files from other formats. . This package also contains a graphical version of the mkvinfo tool, which allow one to get information about a Matroska file.
web browser for the KDE Plasma Active workspace
Sorry - no description available.
transitional dummy package
DejaVu provides an expanded version of the Vera font family aiming for quality and broader Unicode coverage while retaining the original Vera style. DejaVu currently works towards conformance with the Multilingual European Standards (MES-1 and MES-2) for Unicode coverage. The DejaVu fonts provide serif, sans and monospaced variants. . This package only contains the sans, sans-bold, serif, serif-bold, mono and mono-bold variants. For additional variants, see the ttf-dejavu-extra package. . DejaVu fonts are intended for use on low-resolution devices (mainly computer screens) but can be used in printing as well.