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NetBSD make (transitional package)
This is a dummy package to aid in transitioning from pmake package to the new bmake package. . This dummy package may be safely removed after upgrading.
swiss-army knife for reading and writing XML files
Sorry - no description available.
Xgamma plug-in for Cairo-dock
A collection of official plug-ins and applets for cairo-dock. . This plug-in setup the luminosity of your screen directly from your dock. User can also define a luminosity value that will be applied automatically on startup.
MPD controller for GNUstep
MPDCon is a simple GNUstep controller for MPD (Music Player Daemon). It has minimalistic graphical interface, although it provides the basic features an MPD client is supposed to offer.
convert PGN chess game files into webpages
conversion tool to generate webpages from chess "portable game notation" PGN files. The webpages allow the replaying of chess games within a web browser. It has a commandline client and a gtk graphical user interface for convenience. The html output is highly customisable, it is using javascript and the webpages are standards compliant and working with all major browsers.
Simple file browser from Alpine, a text-based email client
"pilot" is a simple file browser from Alpine. It is used in Alpine to let the user select attachments. As with (Al)pine, commands are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and context-sensitive help is provided. . As a stand-alone program, it is useful as a basic file browser, filling the same utility as programs like the midnight commander.