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graphical utility for analyzing electrophysiological data
Spyke Viewer is a multi-platform GUI application for navigating, analyzing and visualizing electrophysiological datasets. Based on the Neo framework, it works with a wide variety of data formats. Spyke Viewer includes an integrated Python console and a plugin system for custom analyses and plots.
LXQt system integration plugin for Qt
With this plugin, all Qt-based programs can adopt settings of LXQt, such as the icon theme. . This package provides the lxqt qtplugin interface.
Feisty Wallpapers
Sorry - no description available.
Journal plugin for SchoolTool
Sorry - no description available.
About screen for LXQt
The about screen for LXQt . This package contain the LXQt about screen.
joystick testing and configuration tool
jstest-gtk is a simple graphical joystick tester. It provides a list of attached joysticks, and for each one can display which buttons and axes are pressed, remap axes and buttons, and calibrate the device. . Even when your joystick is working mostly fine, you might want to give it a try, as the calibration lets you get rid of overlarge default deadzones that many joysticks use and which are a noticeable problem in some games. . Installing the joystick package in addition to this one will allow you to store your calibration settings and mappings and have the automatically restored.