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Calendar application for GNOME
GNOME Calendar is a simple and beautiful calendar application designed to perfectly fit the GNOME desktop. By reusing the components which the GNOME desktop is build on, Calendar nicely integrates with the GNOME ecosystem.
a lava lamp of currently running processes
Sorry - no description available.
A graphical multi-player strategy game and game design system
Sorry - no description available.
document management system based on PHP and MySQL
LetoDMS combines all these features with a nice-looking web interface which makes it possible to access your documents not only via intranet in your office but worldwide via the Internet. . In detail LetoDMS offers you these features: * Upload files through web interface * Create folders to group your documents * Edit document and folder properties online * Detailed information on uploaded documents * Lock and unlock documents * Update documents - old versions are saved * Individual icons for different MIME types * Set expiration date for documents * Users are notified about new, updated or expired documents via email * Download documents or view them online within your browser * Control access via detailed ACLs (access control lists) * User and Group management * Powerful search engine * Multi language support * Template system * User can choose language and theme on login * Intuitive user interface * Should work with every browser * Automatic conversion of various document formats to HTML for online viewing * Supports multiple instances.
Acoustid fingerprinter
GUI application for submission Chromaprint-generated audio fingerprints to the Acoustid service.
Minetest mod - ingame world editor
WorldEdit is the ultimate ingame world editor for Minetest. It includes functionality for building, fixing and more. It is primarily controlled through chat commands. . WorldEdit exposes all significant functionality in a simple Lua interface. The API is useful for tasks such as high-performance node manipulation, alternative interfaces, and map creation.