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Qt-based audio/MIDI sequencer
MusE is a MIDI/audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities. Some Highlights: . * Standard midifile (smf) import-/export. * Organizes songs in tracks and parts which you can arrange with the part editor. * MIDI editors: pianoroll, drum, list, controller. * Score editor with high quality postscript printer output. * Realtime: editing while playing. * Unlimited number of open editors. * Unlimited undo/redo. * Realtime and step-recording. * Multiple MIDI devices. * Unlimited number of tracks. * Sync to external devices: MTC/MMC, Midi Clock, Master/Slave. * Audio tracks, LADSPA host for master effects. * Multithreaded. * Uses raw MIDI devices. * XML project file. * Project file contains complete app state (session data). * Application spanning Cut/Paste Drag/Drop.
simple live network bandwidth monitoring tool
Snetz is a small and simple live network bandwidth monitoring tool. . This tool get some values from the pseudo-file "/proc/net/dev" and and generate a report on the standard output.
Simple single-oscillator DSSI plugin
Recreate those squelchy acid sounds with nekobee, a simple single-oscillator synth based on the Roland TB-303. . DSSI is an API for audio processing plugins, particularly useful for software synthesis plugins with user interfaces (see
tool to load and stress a computer
stress-ng can stress various subsystems of a computer. It can stress load CPU, cache, disk, memory, socket and pipe I/O, scheduling and much more. stress-ng is a re-write of the original stress tool by Amos Waterland but has many additional features such as specifying the number of bogo operations to run, execution metrics, a stress verification on memory and compute operations and considerably more stress mechanisms.
Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables (gui)
Ophcrack is a Windows password cracker based on a time-memory trade-off using rainbow tables. This is a new variant of Hellman's original trade-off, with better performance. It recovers 99.9% of alphanumeric passwords in seconds. . It works for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7. . This package contains ophcrack with QT4 based graphical UI. Please note that it can be used in command line as well.
3D artillery game similar to Scorched Earth
Scorched3D is a game based heavily on the classic DOS game Scorched Earth "The Mother Of All Games". Scorched3D adds amongst other new features a 3D island environment and LAN and internet play.