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xfce keyboard shortcuts configuration (transitional package)
This package only contains the default shortcut configuration for Xfce. . This package ensures a smooth upgrades from previous versions of Debian. It can safely be removed if no other packages depend on it.
Recreate a grid of mirrors from clues given by tests
Send balls through an invisible grid of mirrors (and other interesting widgets) and observe where they end up. Then, try to recreate the same grid from the results you just obtained.
Slide blocks to reach a goal
Sliding block puzzle game, similar to Klotski. . Slide blocks around the puzzle until a certain goal condition is reached. . Screenshot available here:
map gamepad/joystick events to mouse/keyboard event
QJoyPad takes input from a gamepad or joystick and translates it into key strokes or mouse actions, letting you control any X-Windows program with your game controller. This lets you play all those games that for some reason don't have joystick support with your joystick.
GTK+ 2.0 module for Pike
This Pike module provides access to the GTK+ 2.0 library. . Pike is an interpreted programming language, for more information see the description of the pike7.8-core package.
advanced interactive crossword construction tool
Qxw is a program to help you create and publish crosswords, from the simplest blocked grid to sophisticated thematic puzzles. It can make rectangular-, hexagonal- or circular-format grids with blocks, bars or both. It has an automatic grid-filling facility that can handle a wide range of answer treatments and you can even add your own answer treatment methods. Grids can be filled using letters, digits, or a mixture of both. Qxw can produce output in a range of formats ready for publication. . Qxw is written in C and has a GUI based on GTK+.