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sliding tile puzzle game
GNOME 2048 is a clone of Gabriele Cirulli's 2048, a puzzle game based on Veewo Studios' 1024. . Move the sliding tiles with one of the four arrow keys on your keyboard. When two tiles with the same number touch, they combine into a single tile and the numbers are added together.
front-end for the Mednafen multi-system emulator
Mednaffe is a graphical front-end for the Mednafen multi-system emulator. It allows all of Mednafen's options to be configured, and provides simple game-management features.
heavily refactored vim fork
Neovim is a fork of Vim focused on modern code and features, rather than running in legacy environments. . msgpack API enables structured communication to/from any programming language. Remote plugins run as co-processes that communicate with Neovim safely and asynchronously. . GUIs (or TUIs) can easily embed Neovim or communicate via TCP sockets using the discoverable msgpack API.
Open Lighting Architecture - RDM Responder Tests
Sorry - no description available.
Python style guide checker (formerly called pep8)
Features a plugin architecture allowing for adding new checks is easily. Parseable output listing line numbers of the error location. Consists of just one Python file, and requires only stdlib.
set of QtQuick components targeted for mobile use
Sorry - no description available.