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simple graphical file manager for X11
ROX-Filer is a simple and easy to use graphical file manager for X11 based on the GTK2 library. It uses a uniform drag-and-drop approach for every operation. . It is also the core component of the ROX Desktop Environment. . Invoking rox opens each directory or file listed, or the current working directory if no arguments are given.
converter from ABC to MIDI format and back
This package contains the programs `abc2midi' and `midi2abc', which convert from the abc musical notation format to standard MIDI format and vice-versa. They can generate accompaniment from guitar chords in the abc file, as well as insert various MIDI events; the MIDI-to-abc translation tries to figure out bars, triplets and accidentals on its own. . The package also contains `abc2abc' (an abc prettyprinter/transposer), `mftext' (a program that dumps a MIDI file as text), and `midicopy' (a program that extracts specific tracks, channels or time intervals from a MIDI file). . The package also contains Yet another ABC to PostScript converter (yaps) which translates tunes written in the ABC format to PostScript, which can then be viewed on screen or printed. It is essentially a (non-exclusive) alternative to abc2ps, being based on the abc2ps PostScript code together with the ABC parser from the abcmidi package.
OpenMP Pragma And Region Instrumentor - translation tool
OPARI is a source-to-source translation tool which automatically adds all necessary calls to the pomp runtime measurement library which allows one to collect runtime performance data of Fortran, C, or C++ OpenMP applications. . This package contains the translation tool.
Collection of Audio meters for the JACK audio server
Meterbridge implements various meters for the JACK Audio Connection Kit. Examples of the available types are: * PPM Peak Program level Meter * VU Volume Unit Meter * DPM Digital Peak Meter * JF Jellyfish Meter * SCO Scope
Volleyball game with blobs
This package contains the client binary for Blobby Volley 2. . Blobby Volley is an arcade volleyball game with jumping blobs. It contains a multiplayer mode and several bots.
Graphical MUD client with fast lua scripting support
A completely redesigned MUD (Multi User Dungeon) client that is easy to use and customise. Both power users and plain gamers alike will feel at home with Mudlet, without having to waste too much timer figuring out how to do something. . Mudlet is designed to be very fast and efficient right from the start. Its scripting engine is designed to handle thousands of lines under one second. The scripting framework uses Lua - a small, fast and efficient scripting language.