About this site

This is a public repository of screenshots taken from applications contained in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and its derivates like Ubuntu. It was created to help getting an impression of what a certain software will look like on your desktop before you install it. Everybody can take screenshots and upload them. Our admin team will just review your changes before they become publicly visible.

Which packages are listed?

The information on packages listed on this site is taken from APT repositories like Debian or Ubuntu. We are just throwing out packages that are bad candidates for screenshots like transitional packages, header files or debug packages. The repositories that we are scanning frequently are:

Who is using this site?

Many users of Debian or Ubuntu visit this site to just browse through the huge pool of packages visually. It is obviously much easier to just look at screenshots than install various packages just to try them out. And other users are not even aware they are using this site. This is because tools like "Synaptic" or Ubuntu's "Software Center" are loading screenshots from here.

How you can use the screenshots

You can use the screenshots on your own website. Some useful URLs:

If you would like to get a complete list of packages or screenshots in JSON format then contact us and we will give you the URL.

Uploading new screenshots

Whether you are a developer or not - we appreciate if you upload screenshots. See if your favorite package does not yet have a screenshot and upload one.


We currently have 54779 packages in our database. 5341 of them have screenshots. That makes a total of 9.8%. We have 7740 screenshots on the server which means every package has an average number of 1.4 screenshots.

(Number of screenshots uploaded each month.)

Who is behind this site?

This site has been developed and is maintained by Christoph Haas with help of Paul Wise.

This web site's software

This site runs on debshots - a Pylons-based web application written by Christoph Haas. debshots also uses SQLAlchemy for accesing its PostgreSQL database, the jQuery Javascript library and its flyout, autocomplete, jGrowl and cycle plugins. Further code has been contributed by Michael Vogt - programmer of Synaptic and Ubuntu's Software Center.

If you are interested in looking at its source code then check out its development home page listing known issues and desired features at debshots.workaround.org. The software is still actively developed and improved.