create gids that represent Android permissions


This package sets up Android permissions in a Debian chroot to provide good integration into a host Android system. It must be installed as early as possible in the process of setting up the chroot, ideally using debootstrap's --include= flag or something like that. Uninstalling this package will not remove the users and groups it creates since they are required for normal operation of the Debian chroot.

Android is based on the Linux kernel, but is not a UNIX operating system. That means that Debian can be installed in parallel with Android, using the same kernel as Android. Android uses Linux uids and gids quite differently than GNU/Linux. Each app has its own uid and gid, and every part of that app runs as that uid/gid, providing "sandboxing" between apps. Linux groups are also used to represent system permissions, like internet access. This package sets up all of the Android permissions uids and gids in Debian so that you can easily give Debian processes Android permissions by adding that process's uid to the group that represents the permission, e.g. a uid must be included in the "inet" group/permission in order to have network access. Specifically, this package adds all uids and gids for everything listed in Android's system/core/include/private/android_filesystem_config.h.

This is required in Debian+Android setups created by Android apps such as Debian Kit and Lil' Debi. This only makes sense to install on a Debian chroot running on Android. It needs to be installed as early as possible in the install process to prevent conflicting user/group names with Debian.

This package is based on Sven-Ola Tuecke's 'andromize' package.

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