Arduino Core for AVR microcontroller


This package contains the source code and configuration files of the Arduino Core for Atmel's AVR microcontroller used on the Arduino Yún, Uno, Uno WiFi, Diecimila, Nano, Mega, MegaADK, Leonardo, Leonardo Ethernet, Micro, Esplora, Min, Ethernet, Fio, BT, LilyPadUSB, Lilypad, Pro, ATMegaNG, Robot Control, Robot Motor, Gemma, Yún Mini and Industrial 101.

It also contains some basic interfaces for interacting with the internal non-volatile storage (aka EEPROM) in AVR based Arduino boards. Also interfaces for interacting with plugable USB infrastructure (HID), for the Serial Programming Interface (SPI), for serial communication on any digital pins and for communicaton by I2C and Two Wire Interfaces devices.

Please note that the firmware for the Arduino WiFi Shield is not included (in contrary to the official upstream archive) due it's non DFSG compliance! Also some *.hex files are excluded as they are not rebuildable.

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