automatic detector of common APT proxy settings


auto-apt-proxy installs itself as an APT proxy autodetector, and detects common setups by checking some hosts on the local network for well-known APT proxies such as apt-cacher-ng.

This package is most useful for development environments, and will Do The Right Thing for at least these cases:

  * Build chroots, with a proxy running on the host system.
  * Docker/lxc containers, with a proxy running on the host system.
  * Virtual machines with NAT networking, with a proxy running on the host
  * Any other system, with a proxy running on its default gateway.
  * Systems where the `apt-proxy` hostname resolves to a valid IP address
    and a supported proxy is detected at that address.

The following APT proxy servers are supported and automatically detected:
  * apt-cacher-ng
  * approx
  * apt-cacher
  * squid-deb-proxy
  * any proxy advertised by an _apt_proxy._tcp SRV record in your domain

This package has a minimal set of dependencies in order to minimize the influence on systems where it is installed.

This package does not query mDNS SRV records, which would require avahi. If you need that, consider the `squid-deb-proxy-client` package instead.

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