generates Dia UML diagrams from source code, XML or data


AutoDia (Automatic Dia XML) is a modular application that parses source code, XML or data and produces an XML document in Dia format[1] (or images via graphviz and vcg).

Its goal is to be a UML/DB Schema diagram autocreation package. The diagrams its creates are standard UML diagrams showing dependencies, superclasses, packages, classes and inheritances, as well as the methods, etc of each class.

AutoDia supports any language that a Handler has been written for - see below for an up to date list.

Autodia now outputs the following formats:
  * Graphviz (using dot to generate jpg, png, etc)
  * dot
  * vcg
  * xvcg (using xvcg to output postscript, etc )
  * dia (using a new custom directed graph algorithm to layout diagrams)
  * HTML/XML/Anything (if you write your own template)
  * Experimental SpringGraph (native perl directed graphs similar to graphviz)
    now included
  * Experimental Umbrello XML/XMI (requires fixing)

Autodia now parses the following forms of input:
  * Perl
  * Python
  * PHP
  * Java (some issues with version 1.4) no longer fully supported (it used to
    work, Java broke its API's now it doesn't, fixes welcome)
  * C++
  * Torque (XML DB schema)
  * DBI (perl database interface handles)
  * SQL
  * Umbrello (experimental)

[1] For more information about Dia, see:

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