Efficient large cohorts genome-wide Bayesian mixed-model association testing


The BOLT-LMM software package currently consists of two main algorithms, the BOLT-LMM algorithm for mixed model association testing, and the BOLT-REML algorithm for variance components analysis (i.e., partitioning of SNP-heritability and estimation of genetic correlations).

The BOLT-LMM algorithm computes statistics for testing association between phenotype and genotypes using a linear mixed model. By default, BOLT-LMM assumes a Bayesian mixture-of-normals prior for the random effect attributed to SNPs other than the one being tested. This model generalizes the standard infinitesimal mixed model used by previous mixed model association methods, providing an opportunity for increased power to detect associations while controlling false positives. Additionally, BOLT-LMM applies algorithmic advances to compute mixed model association statistics much faster than eigendecomposition-based methods, both when using the Bayesian mixture model and when specialized to standard mixed model association.

The BOLT-REML algorithm estimates heritability explained by genotyped SNPs and genetic correlations among multiple traits measured on the same set of individuals. BOLT-REML applies variance components analysis to perform these tasks, supporting both multi-component modeling to partition SNP-heritability and multi-trait modeling to estimate correlations. BOLT-REML applies a Monte Carlo algorithm that is much faster than eigendecomposition-based methods for variance components analysis at large sample sizes.

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