MS Exchange support for Thunderbird/Lightning


This plugin allows one to communicate with an Exchange 2007 or 2010 server using the Exchange Web Service (EWS) interface.

Plugin works with the Exchange Webservice Server of Exchange 2007 or 2010 or that from Microsoft Office 365.

With this plugin, you can perform these tasks from within Icedove/Thunderbird:

 * Sync Calendar and Task/Todo items from an EWS (Exchange) server. Syncing is
   done on a user settable poll interval. It will track changes on the server
   and update the local memory cache.
 * Create, modify and delete calendar events and Task/Todo items. They will get
   synced immediately with the EWS server.
 * During creation of a new calendar you can use the Exchange Autodiscover
   functionality (when enabled on the Exchange server) to find the right server
   and mailbox settings. Selecting the right folder is easy with the build-in
   folder browser.
 * Access any Calendar or Task folder on your EWS server as long as you have
   the right primary SMTP or alias email address and access permissions.
 * Poll your inbox for meeting invitation request or cancellations. They will
   show up in your calendar.
 * Manage how meeting invitations or cancellations are automatically handled
   (responded to).
 * Add as many calendar objects as you wish and iceowl-extension will allow.
 * Manage "Out of Office" settings for each calendar mailbox
 * Import ICS files.
 * Manage and view attachments.
 * Look at user availability (Free/Busy) information.

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