Certificate Transparency Log Monitor


Cert Spotter is a Certificate Transparency log monitor from SSLMate that alerts you when a SSL/TLS certificate is issued for one of your domains. Cert Spotter is easier than other open source CT monitors, since it does not require a database. It's also more robust, since it uses a special certificate parser that ensures it won't miss certificates.

Cert Spotter is also available as a hosted service by SSLMate, <https://sslmate.com/certspotter>

You can use Cert Spotter to detect:
 * Certificates issued to attackers who have compromised your DNS and
   are redirecting your visitors to their malicious site.
 * Certificates issued to attackers who have taken over an abandoned
   sub-domain in order to serve malware under your name.
 * Certificates issued to attackers who have compromised a certificate
   authority and want to impersonate your site.
 * Certificates issued in violation of your corporate policy
   or outside of your centralized certificate procurement process.

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