terminal-based text editor


It is designed to a be simple editor that is easy to use for users coming from desktop environments.

Keyboard shortcuts are similar to the default editors in GNOME, KDE and other desktop environments.

For example text is selected using shift+arrow keys, copy and paste uses ctrl+c and ctrl+v and there is a drop down menu(F10) to discover additional features and settings.

The look and feel is a blend of modern GUI editors and late 90s PC text mode editors (e.g. Turbo Vision based or adapted to fit into terminal based workflows.

It implements many features like:
 - selecting text by holding Shift
 - usable without a complicated config file
 - block selection
 - multi windows (overlapping, tiled, fullscreen)
 - text from full width windows can be copied from the terminal without
   window borders, scrollbars or additional spaces interfering.
 - syntax highlighting
 - undo/redo
 - display line numbers
 - soft-wrapping of long lines
 - interactive search and replace (with regular expression support)
 - go-to line (and column) command
 - support stdin buffers
 - drop down menus

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