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unique image postprocessing application

Delaboratory 0.8
Delaboratory 0.8
from version 0.8-2+b2


 - floating point precision (not 8-bit like Gimp, not 16-bit like most raw
 - native support for multiple colorspaces (sRGB, ProPhoto RGB, LAB, CMYK,
 - non destructive editing (adjustment layers)
 - KISS design
 - realtime preview
 - basic operations: CMYK curves, CMYK levels, RGB curves, RGB levels, white
   balance in LAB, saturation in LAB, LAB curves, BW curve, HSV equalizer,
   LCH equalizer, recover shadows/highlights, vignette, local contrast,
   LAB/BW/RGB/CMYK gradients
 - expert operations: levels, curves, equalizer, exposure, saturation, white
   balance, fill, tone, local contrast, auto_dodge/auto_burn, sharpen,
   vignette, gradient, gaussian blur, recover highlights, recover shadows,
   channel mixer, high pass, c2g, copy
 - RAW support via dcraw
 - up to 5 color samplers
 - histograms and color matrices
 - many blend modes (multiply, screen, overlay, inverted overlay, dodge,
   burn, add, grain extract, grain merge, sub, difference, darken, lighten),
   color/luminosity blending for RGB and CMYK

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20409 other people were interested in this package here. The newest known version of this software is 0.8-2+b2 (Information last updated about 18 hours ago.)