in-depth visual diff tool for files, archives and directories


diffoscope is a visual diff tool that attempts try to get to the bottom of what makes files or directories actually different.

It can recursively unpack archives of many kinds, transforming various binary formats into more human-readable form to compare them in a human-readable way. It can compare two tarballs, ISO images or PDFs just as easily. The differences can be displayed on the console or in a HTML report.

This is a dependency package that recommends the full set of external tools, to support as many type of files as possible.

File formats supported include: Android APK files, Android boot images, Android package resource table (ARSC), Apple Xcode mobile provisioning files, ar(1) archives, ASM Function, Berkeley DB database files, bzip2 archives, character/block devices, ColorSync colour profiles (.icc), Coreboot CBFS filesystem images, cpio archives, Dalvik .dex files, Debian .buildinfo files, Debian .changes files, Debian source packages (.dsc), Device Tree Compiler blob files, directories, ELF binaries, ext2/ext3/ext4/btrfs/fat filesystems, eXtensible ARchive files, Filesystem image, Flattened Image Tree blob files, FreeDesktop Fontconfig cache files, FreePascal files (.ppu), Gettext message catalogues, GHC Haskell .hi files, GIF image files, Git repositories, GNU R database files (.rdb), GNU R Rscript files (.rds), Gnumeric spreadsheets, GPG keybox databases, Gzipped files, Hierarchical Data Format database, HTML files (.html), ISO 9660 CD images, Java .class files, Java .jmod modules, JavaScript files, JPEG images, JSON files, Linux kernel images, LLVM IR bitcode files, local (UNIX domain) sockets and named pipes (FIFOs), LZ4 compressed files, lzip compressed files, macOS binaries, Microsoft Windows icon files, Microsoft Word docx files, Mono 'Portable Executable' files, Mozilla-optimized .ZIP archives, Multimedia metadata, OCaml interface files, Ogg Vorbis audio files, OpenOffice odt files, OpenSSH public keys, OpenWRT package archives (.ipk), PDF documents, PE32 files, PGP signatures, PGP signed/encrypted messages, PNG images, PostScript documents, Public Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) files (version #7), Python .pyc files, RPM archives, Rust object files (.deflate), Sphinx inventory files, SQLite databases, SquashFS filesystems, symlinks, tape archives (.tar), tcpdump capture files (.pcap), text files, TrueType font files, U-Boot legacy image files, WebAssembly binary module, XML binary schemas (.xsb), XML files, XMLB files, XZ compressed files, ZIP archives and Zstandard compressed files.

diffoscope is developed as part of the Reproducible Builds project.

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