automatic dictionary switcher for Emacs spell checking


Auto-dictionary is a minor mode that hooks into Flyspell's on-the-fly spell checking and extends these checks to also detect language. Auto-dictionary then sets 'ispell-dictionary' to use the detected language. This package is useful for bilingual and multilingual Emacs users.

Language detection is per buffer (per document), and auto-dictionary will choose the language whose words appear most frequently in a document. If that document also contains a second language, and then the document is edited until there are a greater number of words from the second language, then auto-dictionary will choose the second language. That is to say, auto-dictionary's pick always depends on the current state of the document, and it will only pick one language. This package does not enable multiple dictionary support for Emacs ispell.

Auto-dictionary supports the following languages:
  * ca - Catalan
  * da - Dansk (Danish)
  * de - Deutsch (German)
  * el - νέα ελληνικά (Modern Greek)
  * en - English
  * eo - Esperanto
  * es - Español (Spanish)
  * fr - Français (French)
  * grc - ἑλληνικά (Classical Greek)
  * hi - हिन्दी (Hindi)
  * hu - Magyar (Hungarian)
  * nb - Bokmål (Norwegian)
  * nn - Nynorsk (Norwegian)
  * pt - Português (Portuguese)
  * ro - Românâ, Româneşte (Romanian)
  * sk - Slovenčina (Slovak)
  * sl - Slovenian (Slovene)
  * sv - Svenska (Swedish)

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