visual bookmarks for GNU Emacs


Bm.el enables visible bookmarks in GNU Emacs.

  - Navigate between bookmarks specific to the current buffer or cycle
    through all buffers. When cycling through bookmarks in all open
    buffers, the search will always wrap around.
  - Configurable wrapping modes when end of bookmark set is reached.
  - Setting bookmarks based on a regexp, or on a line number.
  - Goto the point of a bookmark or the beginning its line.
  - Persistent bookmarks: They are non-persistent by default, but can
    be automatically persisted on either a global or per-buffer basis.
  - Annotated bookmarks: The annotation is displayed in the message
    area when navigating to a bookmark.
  - List bookmarks with annotations and context in a separate buffer.
  - Different bookmark styles: fringe-only, line-only, or both.
  - Experimental support for creating or removing a standard Emacs
    filename-based bookmark every time one toggles a bm.el one.

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