Emacs major mode for screenwriting in Fountain markup


Fountain Mode is a complete screenwriting environment for GNU Emacs that implements the Fountain markup format. For more information about the Fountain markup format, visit https://fountain.io. Features:
  * Traditional TAB writing style for auto-upcasing character names
  * Auto-continuation for successively speaking characters
  * Displaying approximate page count (current of total) in the mode-line
  * Navigation by section, scene, character name, or page
  * Optional display of scene numbers in the right margin
  * Intelligent insertion of a page breaks
  * Both official Fountain 1.1 and legacy (boneyard) syntax
  * Three levels of element syntax highlighting
  * Styled text: bold, italic, and underlined.

  * The Fountain 1.1 specification
  * Displaying script as a screenplay, stageplay, or a user-defined format
  * Exporting to HTML, PDF, LaTeX, Final Draft (FDX), or Fountain markup
  * Exporting to a standalone document or snippet
  * Including external files with {{ include: FILENAME }}
  * Integration with Outline to fold/cycle visibility of sections and scenes
  * Integration with Imenu. Imenu provides a table of contents for sections,
    scene headings, and notes. This is typically displayed as a sidebar.
  * Integration with Emacs' auto-insert hook for title page metadata

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