enhanced Scheme interaction mode for Emacs


Geiser features an enhanced REPL and a set of minor modes improving Emacs' basic scheme major mode. The main functionalities provided are:
   - Evaluation of forms in the namespace of the current module.
   - Macro expansion.
   - File/module loading.
   - Namespace-aware identifier completion (including local bindings,
     names visible in the current module, and module names).
   - Autodoc: the echo area shows information about the signature of
     the procedure/macro around point automatically.
   - Jump to definition of identifier at point.
   - Access to documentation (including docstrings when the
     implementation provides it).
   - Listings of identifiers exported by a given module.
   - Listings of callers/callees of procedures.
   - Rudimentary support for debugging (list of
     evaluation/compilation error in an Emacs' compilation-mode

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