emacs-mode for OCaml programs


OCaml (Objective Caml) is a programming language featuring functional programming, mutable data structures, algebraic data types, and type inference.

This package provides tuareg-mode for editing OCaml programs with Emacs and XEmacs. It also works on Caml Light, the predecessor language of OCaml.

Tuareg handles automatic indentation of Objective Caml and Caml-Light code. Key parts of the code are highlighted using Font-Lock. It provides support to run an interactive OCaml toplevel and debugger.

Another popular emacs mode for editing OCaml files is caml-mode, available through the elpa-caml package. Tuareg attempts to give better results than caml-mode. Indentation rules are slightly different but closer to classical functional languages indentation. Tuareg gives access to some functionalities from caml-mode.

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