ESO VLT Instrument pipeline collection


In collaboration with the various instrument consortia, the Pipeline Systems Department has undertaken to implement data reduction pipelines for the most commonly used VLT/VLTI instrument modes. These data reduction pipelines have three main purposes:

 * Data quality control: Pipelines are used to produce the quantitative
   information necessary to monitor instrument performance.

 * Master calibration product creation: pipelines are used to produce master
   calibration products (e.g. combined bias frames, super-flats, wavelength
   dispersion solutions).

 * Science product creation: using pipeline-generated master calibration
   products, science products are produced for supported instrument modes
   (e.g. combined ISAAC jitter stacks; bias-corrected, flat-fielded FORS
   images, wavelength-calibrated UVES spectra). The accuracy of the science
   products can be limited both by the quality of the available master
   calibration products and by the algorithmic implementation of the
   pipelines themselves. In particular, adopted reduction strategies may not
   be suitable for all scientific goals.

This metapackage will install all ESO VLT pipelines along with the environments needed to run them (esorex, python-cpl).

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