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Euler Yet another proof Engine (EYE) is a reasoning engine supporting the Semantic Web layers. It performs semibackward chaining and it supports Euler paths. Via N3 it is interoperable with Cwm.

Semibackward chaining is backward chaining for rules using <= in N3 and forward chaining for rules using => in N3. This can be seen in EYE Reasoning.

Euler paths are roughly "don't step in your own steps" which is inspired by what Leonhard Euler discovered in 1736 for the Königsberg Bridge Problem. EYE sees the rule P => C as P & NOT(C) => C.

Notation3 (N3) is a shorthand non-XML serialization of Resource Description Framework (RDF) models, designed with human-readability in mind: N3 is much more compact and readable than XML RDF notation.

Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a standard model for data interchange on the Web.

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