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library about internet message for emacsen


FLIM (Faithful Library about Internet Message) is a library to provide basic functions about message representation and encoding for emacsen. It consists of following modules:

 std11.el STD 11 (RFC 822) parser and utility
 mime.el to provide various services about MIME-entities
 mime-def.el Definitions about MIME format
 mime-parse.el MIME parser
 mel.el MIME encoder/decoder
 mel-b-dl.el base64 (B-encoding) encoder/decoder
                  (for Emacs 20 with dynamic loading support)
 mel-b-ccl.el base64 (B-encoding) encoder/decoder (using CCL)
 mel-b-en.el base64 (B-encoding) encoder/decoder (for other emacsen)
 mel-q-ccl.el quoted-printable and Q-encoding encoder/decoder (using CCL)
 mel-q.el quoted-printable and Q-encoding encoder/decoder
 mel-u.el unofficial backend for uuencode
 mel-g.el unofficial backend for gzip64
 eword-decode.el encoded-word decoder
 eword-encode.el encoded-word encoder


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