Copy of the 'creep' font with a strict character bounding box


The 'creep' font is a pretty compact font that is only 4 pixels wide. It is great for smaller screens, in order to be able to maintain high text density on screens reported as small as 11 inches in diagonal.

Box drawing

Creep has most of the basic box drawing characters implemented. Therefore creep usually works with most ncurses-type programs or with tmux window-splitting for example.


Creep supports all the symbols needed for Lokaltog's awesome powerline plugin for vim.


Creep has the necessary symbols for creating sparklines. This is cool for tools like rainbarf and others.

Better Haskell syntax

This font contains characters that can be used to pretty-print Haskell symbols, like '>>='.

Braille and Drawille

Creep now supports the full braille alphabet, which was an easy thing to do because of the clever braille encoding scheme. All of the braille characters are simply generated using a little script.

Why creep2?

This rework is a manually hand painted glyphs of the original 'creep' font that works with terminals and editors that do not support negative spacing. Every glyph fits into a 5x11px bounding box. This makes certain glyphs less recognizable compaired to the original font.

The original 'creep' font can be found at <>

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