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obsolete metapackage to pull in a subset of Noto fonts


Noto is a collection of font families, each visually harmonized across scripts.

This package contains Noto font families with hinting:

 * Noto Kufi Arabic
 * Noto Naskh Arabic
 * Noto Naskh Arabic UI
 * Noto Sans
 * Noto Sans Armenian
 * Noto Sans Bengali
 * Noto Sans Bengali UI
 * Noto Sans Cham
 * Noto Sans Devanagari
 * Noto Sans Devanagari UI
 * Noto Sans Ethiopic
 * Noto Sans Georgian
 * Noto Sans Gujarati
 * Noto Sans Gujarati UI
 * Noto Sans Gurmukhi
 * Noto Sans Gurmukhi UI
 * Noto Sans Hebrew
 * Noto Sans Kannada
 * Noto Sans Kannada UI
 * Noto Sans Khmer
 * Noto Sans Khmer UI
 * Noto Sans Lao
 * Noto Sans Lao UI
 * Noto Sans Malayalam
 * Noto Sans Malayalam UI
 * Noto Sans Myanmar
 * Noto Sans Myanmar UI
 * Noto Sans Oriya
 * Noto Sans Oriya UI
 * Noto Sans Sinhala
 * Noto Sans Tamil
 * Noto Sans Tamil UI
 * Noto Sans Telugu
 * Noto Sans Telugu UI
 * Noto Sans Thaana
 * Noto Sans Thai
 * Noto Sans Thai UI
 * Noto Sans Tibetan
 * Noto Sans UI
 * Noto Serif
 * Noto Serif Armenian
 * Noto Serif Bengali
 * Noto Serif Devanagari
 * Noto Serif Georgian
 * Noto Serif Gujarati
 * Noto Serif Kannada
 * Noto Serif Khmer
 * Noto Serif Lao
 * Noto Serif Malayalam
 * Noto Serif Tamil
 * Noto Serif Telugu
 * Noto Serif Thai

The name "Noto" is short for "No Tofu", describing the aim of covering all living Unicode scripts (currently 43 are covered, at least partly, across hinted and unhinted packages).

Tofu (豆腐) is Japanese jargon for unicode replacement character "�" (U+FFFD) often displayed as replacement for unassigned or unknown characters.

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