non-free syriac OpenType fonts from XFree86


Meltho mollection of syriac OpenType fonts originally part of the XFree86 distribution, but which are licensed under terms incompatible with the Debian Free Software Guidelines, and thus cannot be distributed as part of Debian.

The fonts are:
 - Beth Mardutho East Syriac Adiabene
 - Beth Mardutho East Syriac Ctesiphon
 - Beth Mardutho Estrangelo Antioch
 - Beth Mardutho Estrangelo Edessa
 - Beth Mardutho Estrangelo Midyat
 - Beth Mardutho Estrangelo Nisibin
 - Beth Mardutho Estrangelo Nisibin Outline
 - Beth Mardutho Estrangelo Quenneshrin
 - Beth Mardutho Estrangelo Talada
 - Beth Mardutho Estrangelo TurAbdin
 - Beth Mardutho Serto Batnan
 - Beth Mardutho Serto Jerusalem
 - Beth Mardutho Serto Jerusalem Outline
 - Beth Mardutho Serto Kharput
 - Beth Mardutho Serto Malankara
 - Beth Mardutho Serto Mardin
 - Beth Mardutho Serto Urhoy

Read /usr/share/doc/fonts-xfree86-nonfree-syriac/README.Debian for instructions on how to register these fonts with XFree86.

Other non-free fonts are in the separate packages fonts-xfree86-nonfree and t1-xfree86-nonfree.

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