Debian Forensics Environment - essential components (metapackage)


This package provides the core components for a forensics environment. All here available tools are packaged by Debian Security Tools Team. This metapackage includes the most programs to data recovery, rootkit and exploit search, filesystems and memory analysis, image acquisition, volume inspection, special actions over the hardware and many other activities.

The following packages were included in this metapackage:

  acct, aesfix, afflib-tools, aircrack-ng, braa,
  bruteforce-salted-openssl, bruteforce-wallet, brutespray, btscanner,
  bully, capstone-tool, ccrypt, cewl, chaosreader, chkrootkit,
  cisco7crack, cowpatty, crack or crack-md5, creddump7, dc3dd, de4dot,
  dirb, dislocker, dnsrecon, doona, dsniff, ed2k-hash, exifprobe,
  ext4magic, extundelete, fatcat, fcrackzip, forensic-artifacts,
  forensics-colorize, galleta, grokevt, hashdeep, hashid, hashrat,
  hcxkeys, hcxtools, hydra, john, mac-robber, magicrescue,
  maskprocessor, masscan, mdk3, mdk4, medusa, memdump, metacam, mfcuk,
  mfoc, missidentify, myrescue, nasty, nbtscan, ncat, ncrack, ndiff,
  nmap, o-saft, ophcrack-cli, outguess, pasco, patator, pff-tools,
  pipebench, pixiewps, pnscan, polenum, pompem, recoverdm,
  recoverjpeg, reglookup, regripper, rephrase, rhash, rifiuti,
  rifiuti2, rkhunter, rsakeyfind, safecopy, samdump2, scalpel,
  scrounge-ntfs, shed, sleuthkit, smbmap, snowdrop, ssdeep, ssldump,
  statsprocessor, stegcracker, steghide, stegsnow, sucrack,
  tableau-parm, tcpick,, time-decode, undbx, unhide,
  unhide.rb, vinetto, wapiti, wfuzz, wifite, winregfs, wipe

This metapackage is useful for pentesters, ethical hackers and forensics experts.

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