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sftp server submodule for OpenSSH


Green End SFTP Server is an SFTP server supporting up to protocol version 6. It is possible to use it as a drop-in replacement for the OpenSSH server (which supports only protocol version 3).

 * Protocol versions 3 and higher:
   * Upload and download files
   * List files
   * Create directories and symbolic links
   * Rename and delete files
 * Protocol versions 4 and higher:
   * Filename encoding translation
   * Text mode transfers
   * String owner/group names (instead of numeric)
   * Sub-second timestamps (where supported by server OS)
 * Protocol versions 5 and higher:
   * Extended rename semantics (e.g. atomic overwrite)
 * Protocol versions 6 and higher:
   * Create hard links
 * Several SFTP extensions

Features of SFTP protocol versions are listed more detailed at <>.

Features beyond the v3 set depend on suitable client support. A list of clients and the versions they support is at <>.

NB! This server is currently experimental and still under development. Don't trust your critical data to it. The code has an extensive and growing test suite (invoke 'make check' to run it) but bugs may yet remain.

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