sftp server submodule for OpenSSH


Green End SFTP Server is an SFTP server supporting up to protocol version 6. It is possible to use it as a drop-in replacement for the OpenSSH server (which supports only protocol version 3).

 * Protocol versions 3 and higher:
   * Upload and download files
   * List files
   * Create directories and symbolic links
   * Rename and delete files
 * Protocol versions 4 and higher:
   * Filename encoding translation
   * Text mode transfers
   * String owner/group names (instead of numeric)
   * Sub-second timestamps (where supported by server OS)
 * Protocol versions 5 and higher:
   * Extended rename semantics (e.g. atomic overwrite)
 * Protocol versions 6 and higher:
   * Create hard links
 * Several SFTP extensions

Features of SFTP protocol versions are listed more detailed at <>.

Features beyond the v3 set depend on suitable client support. A list of clients and the versions they support is at <>.

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