Suite to help with Debian packages in Git repositories


This package contains the following tools:
 * gbp buildpackage: build a package out of a Git repository, check for local
   modifications and tag appropriately
 * gbp import-orig: import a new upstream version into the Git repository
 * gbp export-orig: export an upstream tarball from the Git repository
 * gbp import-{dsc,dscs}: import existing Debian source packages into a Git
 * gbp dch: generate Debian changelog entries from Git commit messages
 * gbp {pull,clone}: clone and pull from remote repos
 * gbp pq: manage debian/patches easily
 * gbp create-remote-repo: create remote repositories
 * gbp push: push content to remote repositories
 * gbp tag: tag a Debian package in Git
 * gbp pristine-tar: create pristine-tar commits
 * gbp setup-gitattributes: set up Git attributes to disable transformations

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