Go Dependency Analysis toolkit


Goda is a Go dependency analysis toolkit. It contains tools to figure out what your program is using.

Cool things it can do:

  # All of the commands should be run in the cloned repository.
  git clone https://github.com/loov/goda && cd goda

  # draw a graph of packages in github.com/loov/goda
  goda graph "github.com/loov/goda/..." | dot -Tsvg -o graph.svg

  # draw a dependency graph of github.com/loov/goda and dependencies
  goda graph -cluster -short "github.com/loov/goda:all" | dot -Tsvg -o graph.svg

  # list direct dependencies of github.com/loov/goda
  goda list "github.com/loov/goda/...:import"

  # list dependency graph that reaches flag package, including std
  goda graph -std "reach(github.com/loov/goda/...:all, flag)" | dot -Tsvg -o graph.svg

  # list packages shared by github.com/loov/goda/pkgset and github.com/loov/goda/cut
  goda list "shared(github.com/loov/goda/pkgset:all, github.com/loov/goda/cut:all)"

  # list packages that are only imported for tests
  goda list "github.com/loov/goda/...:+test:all - github.com/loov/goda/...:all"

  # list packages that are imported with `purego` tag
  goda list -std "purego=1(github.com/loov/goda/...:all)"

  # list packages that are imported for windows and not linux
  goda list "goos=windows(github.com/loov/goda/...:all) - goos=linux(github.com/loov/goda/...:all)"

  # list how much memory each symbol in the final binary is taking
  goda weight -h $GOPATH/bin/goda

  # show the impact of cutting a package
  goda cut ./...:all

  # print dependency tree of all sub-packages
  goda tree ./...:all

  # print stats while building a go program
  go build -a --toolexec "goda exec" .

  # list dependency graph in same format as "go mod graph"
  goda graph -type edges -f '{{.ID}}{{if .Module}}{{with .Module.Version}}@{{.}}{{end}}{{end}}' ./...:all

How it differs from "go list" or "go mod"

"go list" and "go mod" are tightly integrated with Go and can answer simple queries with compatibility. They also serves as good building blocks for other tools.

goda is intended for more complicated queries and analysis. Some of the features can be reproduced by format flags and scripts. However, this library aims to make even complicated analysis fast.

Also, goda can be used together with "go list" and "go mod".

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