grounding tools for (disjunctive) logic programs


Current answer set solvers work on variable-free programs. Hence, a grounder is needed that, given an input program with first-order variables, computes an equivalent ground (variable-free) program.

This package contains the following tools:

 - gringo: a grounder that, given an input program with first-order
   variables, computes an equivalent ground (variable-free) program in
   aspif format. Its output can be processed further with answer set
   solver clasp. Starting with gringo series 5, its output is no longer
   directly compatible with solvers like smodels or cmodels reading
   smodels format. Use lpconvert for translating aspif format to
   smodels format.
 - clingo: combines both gringo and clasp into a monolithic system.
   This way it offers more control over the grounding and solving
   process than gringo and clasp can offer individually: multi-shot
 - lpconvert: converter between gringo's aspif and smodels format.
 - reify: small utility that reifies logic programs given in aspif
   format. It produces a set of facts, which can be processed further
   with gringo.

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