machine emulator for multiple architectures


GXemul aims at emulating complete machines with enough hardware emulated to run real unmodified operating systems. The emulation of these machine types is good enough to run a least one guest operating system:

ARM-based machines:
 * CATS (NetBSD/cats, OpenBSD/cats, Debian GNU/Linux)
 * IQ80321 (NetBSD/evbarm)
 * NetWinder (NetBSD/netwinder)
 * Raspberry Pi (NetBSD/raspberrypi, FreeBSD, HelenOS/rpi)
MIPS-based machines:
 * Acer Pica-61 (NetBSD/arc, Windows NT)
 * Algorithmics P5064 (NetBSD/algor)
 * Cobalt (NetBSD/cobalt)
 * DECstation 5000/200 (NetBSD/pmax, OpenBSD/pmax, Ultrix,
   Linux/DECstation, Sprite), DECstation 5000/1xx (raw PROM)
 * Malta (NetBSD/evbmips, Linux/Malta)
 * NEC MobilePro 770, 780, 800, 880 (NetBSD/hpcmips)
 * PlayStation 2 (NetBSD/playstation2)
 * SGI O2 (NetBSD/sgimips, OpenBSD/sgi, Linux, IRIX, raw PROM)
 * VoCore (FreeBSD/vocore, Linux/vocore)
Motorola 88K-based machines:
 * Luna 88K (OpenBSD/luna88k)
 * Motorola MVME187 (OpenBSD/mvme88k)
PowerPC-based machines:
 * Artesyn PM/PPC (NetBSD/pmppc)
 * IBM 6050/6070 (PReP, PowerPC Reference Platform) (NetBSD/prep)
 * MacPPC (NetBSD/macppc, HelenOS/ppc)
SuperH-based machines:
 * Landisk I-O DATA USL-5P (NetBSD/landisk, OpenBSD/landisk)
 * Sega Dreamcast (NetBSD/dreamcast, Linux/dreamcast)

Other machine types and architectures are emulated less completely. See the documentation in the gxemul-doc package for the exact details and guides to installing guest operating systems.

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