AI engine for many Shogi and Chess variants, including Chu, Sho, and Dai Shogi


HaChu is an AI engine for many variants of Shogi (japanese chess), and Chess.

It currently plays the following games:
 * Sho Shogi, the immediate ancestor of modern Shogi
 * Chu Shogi, the most widely played large-board variant (12x12 board),
   featuring the famous Lion piece
 * Mighty Lion (a simple variant of normal chess to more easily get to know
   the Lion; does not implement castling yet)
 * Dai Shogi, a variant on 15x15 board (no GUI support yet)
 * Tenjiku Shogi, a 16x16 variant with even more exotic pieces (unfinished,
   no GUI support yet)
 * More classical chess variants:
   * Shatranj (does not implement the baring rule yet)
   * Makruk (does not implement counting yet)
   * Standard Chess (without castling)

Most games (excluding Dai and Tenjiku) can be played through the XBoard GUI (version 4.8 and later).

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