plugins for the Xymon network monitor


This package provides plugins for the Xymon network monitor. (Formerly called Hobbit.)

Included client plugins:
 * apt - check for outstanding updates (uses aptitude and dctrl-tools
   if installed)
 * backuppc - check for errors reported by BackupPC servers (needs
   backuppc and sudo)
 * cciss - check hardware RAIDs in HP ProLiant servers (needs
   cciss-vol-status and sudo)
 * cntrk - check the size of the Netfilter Connection Tracking table.
   (needs libfile-slurp-perl)
 * dirtyetc - check for conffiles which are modified compared to
   Debian's defaults but should not be (needs sudo and debsums,
   supports dphys-config)
 * dirtyvcs - check for dirty VCS working copies (supports Git,
   Mercurial, Bzr and Subversion, needs appropriate VCS packages
   and libfile-which-perl installed)
 * dnsq - checks for working DNS on clients (needs libnet-dns-perl
   and libfile-slurp-perl)
 * entropy - check kernel entropy pool size
 * ipmi - read IPMI sensors and event log (needs ipmitool)
 * libs - check for running processes with upgraded libraries (needs
   binutils, lsof, sudo, libyaml-tiny-perl, libfile-slurp-perl and
 * mailman - checks the existence of Mailman shunt files and aged
   queue files. (needs sudo)
 * mdstat - check for failed or resyncing RAID devices
 * megaraid - check state of LSI MegaRAID SAS controllers (uses
   xynagios, see below, and additionally needs megaclisas-status from
   https://hwraid.le-vert.net/wiki/DebianPackages and sudo)
 * mq - check (postfix's) mail queue (needs libtimedate-perl)
 * misc - meta plugin for running series of scripts (needs
 * net - check network interface states (needs libfile-which-perl,
   libfile-slurp-perl, libipc-run-perl, libyaml-tiny-perl, either
   iproute2 or net-tools and optionally ethtool).
 * ntpq - check the ntpd daemon synchronization status (needs ntp)
 * postgres - statistics graphs for PostgreSQL databases (needs
 * sftbnc - check if the local Postfix MTA has soft_bounce enabled.
 * temp - simple temperature monitor (needs libfile-which-perl and
   libyaml-tiny-perl; depending on the hardware to monitor it optionally
   also needs hddtemp, smartmontools, libxml-twig-perl, nvidia-smi
   (non-free), sudo)
 * yum - check for outstanding updates on RPM based distros (not
   usable on Debian and derivatives).

Included server plugins:
 * aptdiff - monitor list of installed packages in host pools
 * conn6 - check IPv6 connectivity (needs fping)
 * ircbot - relay status changes to IRC (needs
 * pgbouncer - monitor pool usage and traffic
 * tftp - checks TFTP servers by downloading a file from them
   (needs libnet-tftp-perl)

Helper software:
 * Hobbit.pm: Perl module for writing plugins
 * xynagios: adaptor for running Nagios plugins with Xymon (needs

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