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plugins for the Xymon network monitor

xymon server web interface with plugins
xymon server web interface with plugins
from version 20100527


This package provides plugins for the Xymon network monitor. (Formerly called Hobbit.)

Included client plugins:
 * apt - check for outstanding updates
 * backuppc - check for errors reported by BackupPC servers (needs
   backuppc and sudo)
 * cciss - check hardware RAIDs in HP ProLiant servers (needs
   cciss-vol-status and sudo)
 * cntrk - check the size of the Netfilter Connection Tracking table.
   (needs libfile-slurp-perl)
 * dirtyetc - check for conffiles which are modified compared to
   Debian's defaults but should not be (needs sudo and debsums,
   supports dphys-config)
 * dirtyvcs - check for dirty VCS working copies (supports Git,
   Mercurial, Bzr and Subversion, needs appropriate VCS packages
   and libfile-which-perl installed)
 * dnsq - checks for working DNS on clients (needs libnet-dns-perl
   and libfile-slurp-perl)
 * entropy - check kernel entropy pool size
 * ipmi - read IPMI sensors and event log (needs ipmitool)
 * libs - check for running processes with upgraded libraries (needs
   binutils, lsof, sudo, libyaml-tiny-perl, and libsort-naturally-perl)
 * mailman - checks the existence of Mailman shunt files and aged
   queue files. (needs sudo)
 * mdstat - check for failed or resyncing RAID devices
 * mq - check (postfix's) mail queue (needs libtimedate-perl)
 * misc - meta plugin for running series of scripts (needs
 * ntpq - check the ntpd daemon synchronization status (needs ntp)
 * postgres - statistics graphs for PostgreSQL databases (needs
 * sftbnc - check if the local Postfix MTA has soft_bounce enabled.
 * temp - simple temperature monitor (needs libfile-which-perl and
   libyaml-tiny-perl; depending on the hardware to monitor it optionally
   also needs hddtemp, smartctl, libxml-twig-perl, nvidia-smi (non-free),

Included server plugins:
 * aptdiff - monitor list of installed packages in host pools
 * conn6 - check IPv6 connectivity (needs fping)
 * ircbot - relay status changes to IRC (needs
 * pgbouncer - monitor pool usage and traffic
 * tftp - checks TFTP servers by downloading a file from them
   (needs libnet-tftp-perl)

Helper software:
 * Perl module for writing plugins
 * xynagios: adaptor for running Nagios plugins with Xymon (needs

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