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panorama photo stitcher - commandline tools


Hugin is a panorama photo stitching program.

This package includes command-line tools used by hugin and other packages for image stitching and High Dynamic Range (HDR) images:
 * align_image_stack - Align overlapping images for HDR creation.
 * autooptimiser - Optimize image positions.
 * celeste_standalone - Remove cloud-like control points.
 * cpclean - Remove wrong control points.
 * cpfind - Patent-free control-point detector
 * deghosting_mask - Creates mask for removing ghosting in images.
 * fulla - Correct lens distortion, vignetting, and
                        chromatic aberration.
 * geocpset - Set geometric control points.
 * hugin_executor - CLI stitching tool.
 * hugin_hdrmerge - Merge overlapping images.
 * hugin_lensdb - Hugin lens database maintenance.
 * icpfind - Control-point detector wrapper program.
 * linefind - Detect vertical features in images.
 * nona - Remap images. (Also does simple stitching.)
 * pano_modify - Change output parameters of project file.
 * pto_gen - Generate a Hugin project file from a list of images.
 * pto_lensstack - Modify assigned lenses and stack in pto files.
 * pto_mask - Apply a mask.
 * pto_merge - Merges two or more Hugin project files.
 * pto_move - Move a project file with all images in it.
 * pto_template - Apply a template file.
 * pto_var - Change image variables inside Hugin .pto project
 * tca_correct - Calculate transverse chromatic aberration.
 * verdandi - Blend images using watershed algorithm.
 * vig_optimize - Determine the radial vignetting.

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