Java virtual machine for the CLI


IKVM.NET is a free implementation of Java for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) like Mono and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

There are two main ways of using IKVM.NET:
 - Dynamically:
   In this mode, Java classes and jars are used directly to execute Java
   applications on the CLI runtime.
   Java bytecode is translated on the fly into Common Intermediate Language
   (CIL) by running on the IKVM.NET runtime.
   The full Java class loader model is supported in this mode.
 - Statically:
   In order to allow Java code to be used by CLI applications, it must be
   compiled down to an assembly and used directly.
   The Java bytecode is translated to CIL and is stored in this form. The
   assemblies can be referenced and used directly by the CLI applications
   by only using the CLI runtime.
   While the static mode does not support the full Java class loader
   mechanism, it is possible for statically compiled code to create a class
   loader and load classes dynamically.

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