FITS utilities for IRAF


Several tasks to operate of FITS files and extensions from within IRAF, like copying, extension extraction, conversion etc.

The following tasks are available:

 * fgread: Read a FITS file with FOREIGN extensions
 * fgwrite: Create a FITS file with FOREIGN extensions
 * funpack: Uncompress a FITS file
 * fxconvert: Convert between IRAF image types.
 * fxcopy: Copy FITS files or FITS extension to an output FITS file
 * fxdelete: Delete FITS extensions in place
 * fxdummyh: Create a dataless single FITS file
 * fxextract: Extract a FITS extension
 * fxheader: List one line of header description per FITS unit
 * fxinsert: Insert FITS files or extensions into another FITS file
 * fxplf: Converts a pixel list file into a BINTABLE extension
 * fxsplit: Split a multiple extension FITS file into single FITS files
 * ricepack: Rice compress a FITS file
 * sum32: Compute the 32-bit FITS 1's complement checksum

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