CCD mosaic reduction package for IRAF


The MSCRED external package is used to reduce CCD mosaic data in multiextension FITS format. This format is produced for example by the Data Capture Agent when observing with the NOAO CCD Mosaic Imager, as well as similar instruments from AAO, CFA, CFHT, ESO, INT and others.

The tasks in the mscred package perform the following functions:

 * display the mosaic data as an apparent single mosaic image,
 * provide interactive examination of displayed mosaic data,
 * combine multiple calibration exposures into master calibration files,
 * perform the basic CCD calibrations such as zero level and gain,
 * reconstruct a single mosaic image with distortions removed,
 * register and combine dithered operations, and
 * save and restore data on tape.

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