IRAF package to obtain radial velocities from spectra


This package obtains radial velocities and velocity dispersions using cross-correlation methods or emission line fits. It consists of several SPP tasks:

 * XCSAO and PXCSAO: cross-correlate spectra,
 * EMSAO and PEMSAO: find emission lines in spectra,
 * BCVCORR: solar system barycentric velocity correction,
 * SUMSPEC: add and/or modify spectra,
 * LINESPEC: synthetic emission line templates,
 * EQWIDTH: equivalent widths of lines in spectra,
 * WLRANGE: wavelength overlap range for a list of spectra,
 * LISTSPEC: list pixel, wavelength, delta wavelength, and/or pixel value for
   spectrum image,
 * PIX2WL: wavelength at a given pixel in a spectrum,
 * WL2PIX: pixel at a given wavelength in a spectrum,
 * VELSET Artificially change the redshift of (log-wavelength) spectra

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