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Laborejo, Esperanto for "Workshop", is used to craft music through notation. It is a Lilypond GUI frontend, a MIDI creator and finally a tool collection to inspire and help one to compose music. It works by reducing music-redundancy and by seperating layout and data.

Laborejo provides many features:
 * Unlimited tracks/staffs, voices, items.
 * Input via Keyboard, Mouse or MIDI.
 * Flexibel and fast shortcut and configuring system.
 * Portable, as few dependencies as possible.
 * PDF generation, ready-to-print, through Lilypond.
 * Separation of editing and note/data entry and layout.
 * MIDI file generation.
 * Playback through JACK.
 * Control over performance from a global level (e.g.
   change how long non-legato notes or fermatas are) to
   detailed, technical tweaks like MIDI CC messages as
   score items.

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