module providing configurable URIs for Catalyst


Configure whether $c->uri_for and $c->req->uri_with return absolute, hostless or relative URIs, or URIs based on the 'Host' header. Also allows configuring which URI class to use. Works on application-wide or per-request basis.

Catalyst::Plugin::SmartURI is useful in situations where you're for example, redirecting to a lighttpd from a firewall rule, instead of a real proxy, and you want your links and redirects to still work correctly.

To use your own URI class, just subclass URI::SmartURI and set uri_class, or write a class that follows the same interface.

This plugin installs a custom $c->request_class, however it does so in a way that won't break if you've already set $c->request_class yourself, ie. by using Catalyst::Action::REST (thanks mst!).

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