module providing a modern interface to write CGI scripts


CGI::Tiny provides a modern interface to write CGI scripts to dynamically respond to HTTP requests as defined in RFC 3875. It is intended to be:

 * Minimal
 CGI::Tiny contains a small amount of code and (on modern Perls) no non-core
 requirements. No framework needed.

 * Simple
 CGI::Tiny is straightforward to use, avoids anything magical or surprising,
 and provides easy access to the most commonly needed features.

 * Robust
 CGI::Tiny's interface is designed to help the developer follow best
 practices and avoid common pitfalls and vulnerabilities by default.

 * Lazy
 CGI::Tiny only loads code or processes information once it is needed,
 so simple requests can be handled without unnecessary overhead.

 * Restrained
 CGI::Tiny is designed for the CGI protocol which executes the program again
 for every request. It is not suitable for persistent protocols like FastCGI
 or PSGI.

 * Flexible
 CGI::Tiny can be used with other modules to handle tasks like routing and
 templating, and doesn't impose unnecessary constraints to reading input or
 rendering output.

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